Franz Kafka Quotes

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Quote- "In a kind of obstinacy, the father refused to take off his attendant's uniform at home; and while his robe dangled uselessly on the clothes hook, he would slumber in his chair, fully dressed, as if always on duty"(Kafka 166).
Critical- As I read more and more of the novel, I have seen that the father is a man who is very lazy. From what I can tell, the father makes it want to look like he is always working wearing his uniform, but in all actuality, Gregor was the one bringing in the most money. Several times in the novel, it has described the father as sitting around at the house all day. The novel even spoke of the father making the mother work, even though she had very bad asthma and was growing old. In a way, this passage reminds me of someone in the military. Many
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Critical- A pattern peeking out in this passage is that the family acts as if Gregor is not even there. Though Gregor is struggling for life and filled with negativity, the family doesn't even seem to care or want to care. They just want to live on with their lives and act like nothing that is going on is wrong. They also act like everything they do is right and that Gregor deserves to be locked up. I can relate this to WWII. Nazi Germany thought that they were doing what was right. Their thoughts were locked in, and would not change even though the majority of people did not agree with what they were doing. In this quote, the family is in the house while Gregor is locked up. This relates to the family's free will and Gregor's determined will. The family is allowed to do as they please while Gregor is limited to being a dung beetle in his room. A word that stood out was the word followed. This seems to be the first time the family, eddies Gregor, is getting along and not arguing. It surprises me that they are enjoying themselves when Gregor is
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