Frau Hermann's Library: Chapter Analysis

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Liesel steals another book called a Song in the Dark from the Hermann library. Later on in that summer, Rudy notices that a book has been put in the window of the mayor’s house. Liesel steals it and realizes it is a dictionary. In it she finds a letter from Frau Hermann telling her that she is welcome to continue stealing books. Frau Hermann wishes that she will start coming in through the front door instead of the window. At the end of the summer, the town has its first air raid, and Liesel, Hans, and Rosa go to the neighbors house to take shelter in the basement. They have no choice but to leave Max behind since he is in hiding and cannot be seen.

Liesel 's uses reading out loud to calm down all the residents of Himmel Street during the air raids. This helps people calm down and forget about the air raids and not stress them out. This shows Liesel 's progression in reading, and how in the beginning of the book she struggled to read and now is doing a great job reading to a crowd. Leisel reading to the residents of Himmel street lead to Frau asking Liesel to come read to him personally. Liesel doing this for Frau is making her now earning money for her family.
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For this section I had made a shelf from Frau Hermann 's Library. On this shelf is every book Liesel has read or stolen in the book so far. Since this library is a large part of the book, and she finds herself going there all the time throughout the book I thought it was a very important
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