Frau Holtzapfel Analysis

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As the characters in this novel are living their lives in Nazi-Germany, chaos is a recurring theme used throughout it; words are used to calm down a number of the situations that take place, as well as add positivity back into the lives of the characters involved. One example of this can include how Frau Holtzapfel finds a sense of tranquility when listening to Liesel 's reading: " 'So now I want you to come to my place and read it to me. ' 'You 've got some nerve, Holtzapfel. '… 'I 'll stop spitting on your door. ' She interrupted. 'And I 'll give you my coffee ration. '" (387). Ryan 3 Liesel reading in the air-raid shelter had soothed Frau Holtzapfel to the point where she was even willing to put a long-lived feud with Rosa Hubermann
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