Fraud And Corruption In South Africa

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Fraud and Corruption in South Africa
Fraud and corruption are the two most relevant occurences in the lives of the South African population. Fraud and especially corruption is everywhere in the country from the general population all the way to the president himself. Fraud cases are high, with cellular companies sending out fake phone messages to customers. South Africa is 61 in the most corrupt countries list. Policemen accepting bribes and politicians stealing money for their own comforts are just two examples of the many corrupt deals that occur in South Africa.

Corruption is the dishonest conduct mainly by those in power, typically involving a bribe. The president of South Africa Jacob Zuma took for himself, a large sum of money for renovations on his home for security. The state provided him with 8 million Rands to do these renovations and upgrades but the end total for his home, also known as a village or Nkandla, came to 60 million Rand. The President of South Africa stole 60 million Rand from the countries people for his own selfish needs and comforts, money that could have been spent on poverty relief or the fight against hunger. This caused tax payers to spend more in taxes and the poor becomes poorer. He is a corrupt man and shows how bad corruption is in South Africa still to this day.

Fraud is the wrongful or criminal depiction intended to result in personal gain. If you have a phone you may have received one of those messages saying your number has been
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