Fraud And Justice In Cicero's De Officies

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According to Cicero’s De Officiis, one should embrace his gifts from nature and not envy others for theirs, i.e. an artist is better off perfecting his artistic talent than studying law. He also argues that fraud is the worst form of injustice, that is, the one who “practice[s] fraud to the utmost ability [to] do it in such a way that [he] appear[s] to be [a] good m[a]n (I.13). Although Cicero condemns fraud for obvious reasons, such as, corruption, is one unjust for using this gift against the enemy?—more so, what if one uses the gift of fraudulence, ((that is to say, a trained spy)) to do good for the community? The answer to these questions is no because Cicero’s argument on fraud and justice overlap in this scenario. For example, one who
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