Freak The Mighty Character Analysis Essay

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No one should ever judge another based on appearance because, who knows, they might end up being your best friend. In Freak the Mighty, a realistic fiction story written by Rodman Philbrick, two boys who couldn’t be more different than each other begin an unbreakable friendship. Max, who is very large and has learning disabilities, meets Kevin, or Freak, who is highly intelligent, but has Morquio Syndrome, which causes him to be small. Together, they are Freak the Mighty, and they try to help others at all times, including each other. There are two themes that can be taken away from this novel. The first is that a person should never assume anything about another based on appearance. And finally, the second theme is that friendship is one…show more content…
This theme is shown through Kevin, as he is tiny for his age, and has a physical disability, but is extremely intelligent. The author portrays this theme on page 54 by having Max say, “‘And anyhow it’s not fair how everybody always says ‘Poor Kevin’ just because he didn’t grow… You can ask him anything and he knows what it means.’” Max knows that even though Kevin is the size of a kindergartener, he is smart enough to be in college. Also, he knows that other people should never judge him on his looks, because on the inside he is so much more. Most people who meet Freak think he can not do anything because he is “disabled”. But, they are wrong, just as Max knows. In addition to this quote, there is another, which reads, “That’s how he talked, right out of a dictionary. So smart you can hardly believe it.”(13).Again, this quote shows Max’s realization of Kevin’s intellect. Max refers to Freak speaking with advanced vocabulary, and just being highly intelligent on many topics throughout the book, so it is obvious that Max notices this regularly. Max notices this more than Freak’s size, which is a lesson that he learns.Not presuming something about another is a very significant life lesson, but friendship being an important relationship in someone’s life is just as
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