Freak The Mighty: Character Analysis

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“Being a hero doesn’t mean you're invincible, it just means that you're brave enough to stand up and do what's needed, “says a sagacious man named Rick Riordan . Often times you see heroes on television who have super strength of flying powers, but heroes come in many different forms of people. Irena Sendler for example, was a great hero. Not many people know the name of Irena Sendler, she had done something big that impacted and saved the lives of many jews. Some heroes may be fictional as well. Take Kevin, who had a disease, from the book Freak the Mighty, he opened up the world to a boy named Maxwell Kane, he was his brains. These people, both fictional and true, are life changing heroes.

People are called heroes because they are selfless in doing actions that need to be done. Heroes do
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He showed selflessness by teaching Kevin new things, and perseverance when he never stopped guiding Max on where to go . Freak, Kevin, opens up Max’s perspective by teaching him new things, and teaching him to imagine great adventures. Max has a learning disability that prevents him from grasping the concepts that he has been taught. Freak would go on walks with Max, on their walks Freak would see nearby objects, and turn them into an adventure. In chapter seven of the story Freak the Mighty Freak says “There are fair maidens to rescue! Dragons to slay !” Freak woke Max up to go on an adventure early in the morning. While on adventures Kevin will use complex words and explain the meaning of the word to Max .Kevin was a provider of guidance for Max. When a gang and the leader, Blade, were chasing and taunting them, Freak kicked Max’s side to tell him the direction to go in. They came to a dead end and ran into this pond and made it back home, safely. Kevin was a true hero because of his selflessness, and his
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