Freak The Mighty: Comparison Of Book And Movie

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My class just read the book Freak The Mighty and finished the movie to it.And I noticed some major differences in the movie to the book such as the mill pond scene, the ornithopter, and Loretta Lee’s purse. The first difference I noticed is that when in the book they went to the 4th of July firework show.They got chased into the mill pond.In the book, the gang throws stuff at the boys.But in the movie blade chases them with a knife and they get stuck in the mud. The second one is the ornithopter.In the book, Kevin is flying an ornithopter and it get stucks in a tree and freak helps him get it down which symbolizes the start of their friendship. But in the movie when it gets stuck maxwell doesn’t help freak out.(Spoiler alert) later in the movie, after freak dies maxwell then decides to get it down.…show more content…
So that is what my little spiel about the differences between the book and the movie Freak the
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