Freak The Mighty Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The story of Freak the Mighty is an intriguing, heartwarming tale. The book and the moving were enjoyable adventures. There are some very obvious similarities and differences between the two tellings of the story. The similarities and underlying themes are very interesting. First of all, Freak the Mighty, the book, and The Mighty movie have an obvious correlation. The main characters, Freak (Kevin) and Max found friendship and bonded while playing with Freak’s ornithopter. They had both been social outcasts and came together over that as well. In their spare time, they went on quests, slaying fearsome dragons and saving fair maidens. The other protagonists, Grim, Gram, and Gwen, were also the unaltered; they worked as positive influences over Max and Freak. Furthermore, there are also several corresponding themes within the novel and the film. The one most apparent to me is…show more content…
For instance, when Max wakes up in the movie, he sees a body stood erectly and frigidly by his window, looking fixedly at Max. In the book, this never transpires. Also, I feel that in the book Killer Kane emphasizes the facts that he “never killed anyone” more than he did in the movie. Also, in the book, Kenny needs a car, while in the movie, he already has a beat up, old pick-up truck. Then, in the movie, they go straight to the old woman’s apartment, never stopping at Iggy’s apartment to eat hamburgers as they did in the book. Also, Killer Kane doesn’t speak of his get rich quick scam, which he was sure would aggrandize him, as much in the movie as he did in the book. Then, in the movie, Killer Kane strangle Loretta in the apartment, rather than the burnt building from the book. Much later in the tales, there’s a difference in the time that Freak dies. In the book, he passes away after his birthday; in the movie, he perishes after
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