Fred E. Katz's Ordinary People And Extraordinary Evil

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Evil and Villains Throughout history man has had to struggle with the problem of evil, as it’s one of the most serious problems of the world and the greatest challenge to man’s faith. Actually, the world of villains is similar to the heroes’ world as it’s full of dreams, challenges and insistence on reaching the goal. The difference is that one fights for evil and the other fights for good. Human beings are confused whether they are inherently good or evil at birth, or they are nurtured to be so. Therefore, we need to know the meaning of the word “evil”. Actually, the definition of the word evil differs from one writer to another as it depends entirely upon his/her perspective upon the word. Also there is no specific one who always does the evil actions, as even heroes could commit evil.
Fred E. Katz in the article “Ordinary People and Extraordinary Evil” defined the word evil as the “behavior that deliberately deprives innocent people of their humanity, from small scale assaults on a person’s dignity to outright murder” (5). Katz’s definition of evil focuses on how people behave with each other, and how this behavior can be transformed from small assaults to a serious murder. For insistence, the young woman named Phoolan Devi who was leading a gang of men into the village of Behmai in India, asked the villagers to bring out their brothers to sing. When nobody obeyed the orders, she ordered her gang to line up all the young men to spit on them, insult them and hit the
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