Fred Wilson's Drop Plop Analysis

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Though Fred Wilson specializes in creating works of art that represent his perception of American history and American society as a whole, Wilson’s Drip Drop Plop came into creation as a representation, primarily, of Americas repetitive racial history against African Americans. When Fred Wilson was asked to be the American representative at the Venice Biennale, Wilson thought that it would be best to incorporate glass unto his work, something that Venice is well familiarized with, taking in mind that it is a city generally known for its glass manufacturing. The medium which Fred Wilson chose consisted of black glass shaped in the form of droplets and puddles. He chose to work particularly with black glass for his display as a representation…show more content…
Using terms and citing examples from the textbook in your essay, how does environment contribute to the design?

Architecture can essentially be seen all around us, from the houses that we inhabit, to the bridges that we drive over, to much greater lands acquiring all of the early 1800’s cathedrals and 21st century sky scrapers. Often we just perceive what we can physically see for the moment without putting much thought into all of the planning and calculating that goes into properly constructing such architectural buildings. Architecture can be both a science and an art; however, it must first be a science to become an art, and then ultimately, both. To begin with, proper planning and calculations must first be made in order to determine if whether or not an architectural structure will be able to prove durable on the ground which it is made and at the location which it will stand. For example, we can say that all houses, ranchers in particular, for the most part, look the same. But, we can’t say that they are all structured in the same way or constructed in the same way simply because land, in general, is not one single flat platform. Let’s say that someone is planning to build two houses identical to one another, the only difference is that one house will be built in an area where the land in primarily flat while the other will be built in an area where the land is slanted. Both houses, though
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Often a structure is designed in a way that will prove durability against climate and environmental activity. For example, Thomas Coram’s painting entitled, “View of Mulberry House and Street” (Fig. 15-6) depicts the houses of the African American slaves with very high, pointed roofs. This specific home design was used by African American slaves in order to keep their houses cooler at floor level. In this case, the function of the high pointed roof in each house was to allow for the warmer air to rise and keep the cooler air down. Another example is that of the Mesa Verde “Spruce Tree House” (Fig. 15-7) which depicts cliff side caves, built as means for stable homes by The Anasazi. It only makes sense that they chose to build caves as opposed to houses on the cliff because had they built houses, the rain and wind could have easily caused destruction on

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