Frederick Dierks Bentley's Song I Hold On

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Frederick Dierks Bentley, commonly known professionally as Dierks Bentley, is a country music writer and singer. The name of the album most recently written by him is Riser, which is very personal to him, to a point where society can connect to certain songs very well. In this album contains one of his top songs called I Hold On. Bentley originally wrote this song about the loss of his father, the love for his wife, and many other aspects about his life. Not only can it just be about his life, but also it can be seen in other ways from everyone in this world. This song reflects the fact that in our society, many people put more value on money and technology than on relationships with people that surround them which Bentley claims is more important.…show more content…
As author Eric McWhinnie states, “They leave out a crucial part of the biblical verse they are referencing. Money by itself isn’t evil, but the ‘love of money is the root of all evil.’ In romance, letting money come between you and the other person can ruin a good thing.” In the article McWhinnie wrote he describes three ways money can simply ruin a relationship. The first way is the communication of money within a relationship. Whether the money be from a hundred dollars to a lifetime commitment, putting money into everyday conversation with a partner is key to keeping a strong relationship. Not knowing how much your partner makes is actually surprising to see that 43% of couples do not know their significant others salary. That can significantly damage a relationship with how much money is being “hidden” or unknown from the significant other. The second key to ruining a relationship is debt. McWhinnie says, “Debt is a way of American life. Eight in 10 Americans are saddled with some type of debt. If you limit your dating pool to only debt-free applicants, you run the risk of remaining single and hopelessly scrolling through Tinder on a Friday night.” With debt can come trust issues. There are many different kinds of debt such as college loans to be paid off but what if the significant other is making purchases secretly behind the others back? This to can cause problems within the relationship creating an anti-forcefield of
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