Frederick Douglas And Slavery

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In the late 1800's slavery was divided and different between the northern and southern states. Roughly 200,000 African Americans were free in America some of which born free and others who bought their freedom. All whom could share stories of cruelty instilled upon them while serving a master. Many stripped from their family as they grew up having to survive on their own. Beaten for whatever reason just to enforce upon them who was in charge and what would not be tolerated, and at times beaten for no reason at all as this was slavery. In 1860 15 states had a population of 12 million, and of that one-third were slaves, and 2% were free African Americans. One in particular was once a former slave who eventually became free and educated and sought out to speak on the injustice of slavery. As Frederick Douglas spoke of his injustice in being sold as a slave and all he endured one can only imagine. In his speeches and writings he highlighted the torture slaves endured. What was once spoken to American citizens was slaves did not know how to function as regular citizens, but here Frederick Douglas proved different. Frederick Douglas fought for reform and did so through writing books not only of his life and experiences but of slavery itself. He spoke to many at functions which proved his intelligence even more eloquently as they experienced it firsthand.
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