Frederick Douglass A Slave Abolitionist

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Frederick Douglass a man who was a slave but got away from it and became one of the most historic slave abolitionists in history.Douglass's birth date is unknown, but he was born as a slave. He was raised by his grandmother because he and his mom were separated. Douglass has done about three major things in his life to get how famous he was before he died, he escaped slavery, he rose a family, and he fought against slavery by speaking and by talking about how he got treated when he was a slave.

Frederick Douglass was born as a slave and got separated from his mother a few years after birth. When he got separated he went to go live with his aunt and then was raised by his grandmother and aunt. With Douglass knowing he was a slave, he started trying to figure a way out of being a slave. When Douglass was 16-year-old psychologically. Eventually, however, Douglass fought back to his slave masters After losing a physical confrontation, Covey never beat him again. Douglass tried to escape from slavery twice before he succeeded.
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Douglass had fallen in love with Murray, who assisted him in his final attempt to escape slavery in Baltimore. ¨Douglass and Anna had Five children and their names were Rosetta, Lewis Henry, Frederick Jr., Charles Redmond and Annie, but little Annie died at age ten¨ ( biography staff). Later on, Douglass's children grew up and left and after they left Anna Mury avenchuly died. Later on, Douglass married Helen Pitts and had no
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