Frederick Douglass And Sandra Cisneros Analysis

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Living in such a privileged country people tend to forget the great importance of reading and writing. For Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X, and Sandra Cisneros they were trapped in a world where society defined who they were, they were deprived of their identity and were expounded to the lowest expectations of society. With the curse of not knowing was followed by the gift of intellectual integrity to rise above society's expectations.
Being born into a life where your future is defined by the civilization around you can supply a person with the state of loneliness. Malcolm X was born into a time where his race was impudent, he was raised in a rough neighborhood. Frederick Douglass’s freedom was stolen by an unknown figure where he was then to be raised as a slave. Sandra Cisneros was nurtured as the only daughter of 6 sons, she was raised to believe her destiny in life was to become a wife.
While the difficulties of living with only half of who you are Frederick learned to read and write, he uncovered his place in society and just like Malcolm X they wrote to spread a message. They believed they were more than what society had brought upon them. Malcolm describes himself as a “hustler”. Malcolm describes his difficult time of reading, he explains in this
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Frederick lived in conditions that other humans didn't, he was given hope by the book he had read about the slave being set free. Malcolm X had a great amount of ambition to write to the level of Elijah Muhammad that would later give him insight to becoming a leader. Sandra didn't let the disapproval of her father stop her from doing the one thing that seemed right . With the battles they fought, they weren't aware of what the future holds, it wasn't till they began to read and write that they found who they were and realized they were more than the titles and more than the feelings society
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