Frederick Douglass Argument Against Slavery

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¨Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery.¨ This is similar to Frederick Douglass because he lived his most of his life in slavery and then after slavery ended he chose to live his life the way he wanted. Frederick Douglass was an African American slave who wanted to abolish slavery after hearing the word abolish so many times. Douglass´s audience were many other African Americans who also said slavery was a bad thing. How slavery was bad for slaves and how it corrupts slave owners. People who defended slavery believed that slavery was a good thing and that it wasn't that bad for slaves. Northerners thought that slavery was a good thing and that is wasn't harmful. Douglass´s position is that slavery was a horrible thing and that it was harmful. One piece of evidence is in excerpt 3 paragraph 4 it says ¨Mr.Covey succeeded in breaking me. I was broken in body, soul, and spirit.¨ One more piece of evidence is when in excerpt 3 paragraph 5 it says ¨I was sometimes prompted to take my life.¨ This evidence shows that slavery is a horrible thing because some slaves could commit suicide due to slavery. This evidence disproves that slavery is a …show more content…

Douglass argues that slavery has a horrible effect and it is a bad thing. One piece of evidence is when in excerpt 3 paragraph 3 the text states that ¨Mr.Covey gave us enough to eat, but scarce time to eat it.¨ Another piece of evidence is in excerpt 4 paragraph 12 ¨Causing blood to run where I touched him with the ends of my fingers.¨ This shows that slavery is a thing that can cause pain and has a horrible effect on slaves. This disproves people who believed that was a good thing because this shows that someone can get hurt when they are enslaved. This concludes that people should change what they think about slavery since many have been in pain during

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