Frederick Douglas's Argumentative Essay

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In the summer of 1845, Frederick decided to fulfill a dream he had long held, to travel throughout England (5). Even though he was forced to stay in the steerage, second-class, during his trip overseas he was extremely excited to finally go to Britain (8, 9). While on board, he had made many friends and was even asked by the captain to give lectures on slavery (8, 9). When he finally reached Europe, Frederick felt free from prejudice. He was treated as a man, as opposed to a second-class citizen, and was welcomed into homes, hotels, and restaurants (8, 9). Fleeing America during this time not only saved him from slave catchers, the expedition also gave him the opportunity to speak to English audiences and gain their support for the American anti-slavery movement. Douglass wrote Garrison to inform him how he had…show more content…
Both became involved in campaigns against the discrimination of minorities and promoted constitutional rights (8, 9). In August of 1846, Douglass gave the most controversial speech of his career at the World Temperance Convention held in London (1, 65). Within this oration, he attacked the American temperance movement because it failed to criticize slave owners who used alcohol to pacify their workers and because temperance activists were hostile to free blacks (1, 65). Douglass was tremendously satisfied with the outcome of his trip to England and was soon ready to go home. Even though he was ready return to America, recapture still remained a possibility for him if and when he came back. Fortunately, this problem was resolved when unknowingly; two English friends raised enough money to buy his freedom (6). $710.96 was sent to the Auld family and on December 5, 1846; Hugh Auld signed the papers that declared Frederick Bailey a free man (5). In the spring of 1847, Douglass returned to America, where his work remained to free his people in
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