Frederick Douglass Compare And Contrast Essay

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Because of the statuses of each person who attends Douglass’ school, they have a common ground to discuss with each other. Although Douglass is not technically a slave like most of the others learning from him, he still is in the lowest social tier and African American. Because of their corresponding similarities, the slaves and Douglass bond over their hardships while understanding what the others are going through. It is easy to sympathize with each other because they are in the same situation. During the time period this was written, society purposely made African American slaves feel like they didn’t belong and like they were outcasts. However, Douglass manages to bring them together and start their own community that is positive and forward thinking. Everyone was thrilled to go to their sessions with Douglass, “We loved each other, and to leave them at the close of the Sabbath was a sever cross indeed” (49). They were more than pleased to be there and looked forward to their time spent with him. At my high school most people did whatever was the least amount of work to get by and graduate. However, I had been taking college classes since I was in 9th grade so I was on the opposite side of the spectrum. When I…show more content…
This is a statement that some people might agree with or disagree with. It is subjective. However in Stephen’s case, it is true. Although Stephen does not verbally speak, he does in his own way. His drawings, "He was a fine artist. He made delightful drawings" (52). He uses art as a form of expression because maybe his cannot formulate his thoughts into words. Sometimes I feel the same way, that words fail me. There are many reasons one can hypothesize as to why Stephen does not speak. Perhaps he views it as trivial, maybe he is not educated enough due to the lack of steady schooling, or maybe it is because of his issues at home with the foster care and lack of
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