Frederick Douglass Ethos Analysis

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On July 5th 1852 Fredrick Douglass gave a speech to the anti-slavery society to show that all men and woman are equal no matter what. Douglass uses ethos, pathos, and logos in his speech to make look reasonable. Douglass demonstrates ethos by speaking in first person that of which he had experience slavery: "I was born amid such sights and scenes"(Douglass 4). When Douglass spoke these words to the society, they knew of his personal knowledge and was able to depend on him has a reliable source of information. The anti-slavery society listening to his every word, considering that Douglass spoke with integrity, knowledge and emotions. Douglass character proved that he was honest and true to his speech. Douglass appealed to his audience by choosing word and experience that appealed to the anti-slavery society. He also made sure to sound unbiased when he was intruding his belief. Together with ethos he expressed pathos in is speeches by appealing to us audience emotionally. Douglass demonstrates pathos by the story he had told regarding to the mother and daughter. According to Douglass 's speech and how he express the…show more content…
Reading from the bible he quotes "shall not confess to be right and just"(2) which cites logical for the reason that all shall be equal in trial and no separation from color. Douglass referenced the bible a document in which is accepted has a logical resource. Douglass also mentioned data to demonstrated existence of whites treating the black in law. In the words of Fredrick Douglass, he gives the facts that "There are seventy-two crimes in the State of Virginia, which, if committed by a black man […]"(Douglass 2). The facts show that almost all of the crimes are against black. When presented with facts it hard to ignore the fact that black is injustice treated. Douglass was able to use logos to appeal to anti-slavery society by using facts that he had knowledge of by
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