Frederick Douglass Reflection

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This astonishing book is about Frederick Douglass’s journey during slavery. He shows us the traumatic and miserable attributes of the many things he went through during his life as a slave. But his passion for learning guided him to liberation. In relation to Frederick Douglass in his book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, slavery and freedom was a great significance in the duration of the book. This raises the following question: How does economic freedom affect people? Although economic freedom was not essential for people in the south it surprised Douglass how tremendous it affect people in the north. One might reflect on the life liberty and happiness of Frederick Douglass existence.

First, life for Frederick Douglass was like
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At this point I believe that Douglass is finally in a point in his life that he can just be adrenalized just because he is free. Also shown in this quote: “I have never been able to answer the question with any satisfaction to myself .It was a moment of the highest excitement I ever experienced” (Douglass 63). This tells us that he was so vibrant and relieved to be in a free state and have somewhat fresh start at life. Furthermore to this Douglass had people who cared about his well being and wanted to help in through his situation as once being a slave. Stated in this quote: “ Mr. David Ruggles, whose vigilance, kindness, and perseverance, I will never forget. I am glad of an opportunity to express, as far as words can, the love and gratitude I bear him” (Douglass 64). This shows that Mr. Ruggles help Douglass in what to do now as a freeman and guided him through the right paths to take in his new journey in life. To sum the paragraph up Douglass had a great amount of happiness as a free man and for friends who guided him the way to righteousness.

In conclusion, Frederick Douglass was a person who strived for freedom and made it through with the help of wanting to learn. Unquestionably life, liberty, and happiness trailed through his life in pushing his way to live, planning his self to liberation, and the excitement of being a freeman. To sum it all up this shows you the overcoming of obstacles in Frederick Douglass life and the hard work he put in to become
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