Frederick Douglass Influence On Education

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Frederick Douglass was born a slave in rural Talbot County and he served a family in Baltimore. After escaping to the North in 1838, he settled in Bedford, Massachusetts, where he became active in the abolitionist movement. His mistress was kind she taught him the letters of Alphabet and she always instruct him and one day she changed and suddenly stopped teaching him because of the inequality of the people. A form of EOF student stated “For Douglass, gaining knowledge was more of a curse than a blessing because, as a slave, education made him aware that he had absolutely no alternatives to his condition.” I disagree because education is important, he could help other slaves, and he could break off from the black stereotype. Education is important in our lives. Education gives Fredrick Douglass strength and helped him to escape slavery. He struggles…show more content…
He met them many times and in different places to aid him to learn how to read. They helped him many times and then he learned how to read because of the boys. Fredrick Douglass specified “It was the everlasting thinking of my condition that tormented me. There was no getting rid of it. Because he was educated, he could break off from the black stereotype. After he learned how to read and write then he can live in freedom and he is not going to be a slave anymore. Finally, Fredrick Douglass education was a blessing not a curse because education is really important and without education he couldn’t escape slavery and education is strength. Language gives him strength to be able to stand up for himself and it helps him in his future. Education helped him to find his rights and also, he work for it and if I wasn’t smart he wouldn’t learn reading and writing. He wouldn’t be the actives that he was without gaining the understanding of the language and knowledge of the
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