Frederick Douglas's Path To Freedom

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“If there is no struggle there is no progress” this is a quote from Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglas was born into slavery. Frederick worked at Talbot maryland. Frederick was 20 years old when he ran far away from his master. Mr douglas is an inspiration to many slaves. Frederick douglass path to freedom was long and hard. well anything like that would be hard. Frederick took a train from Baltimore to Philadelphia. He had to make this risky journey so he could be free. Frederick Douglass also had to impersonate a sailor. He did this all for his freedom because it was something he was denied because of his skin color. This shows that he is amazing and courageous. Frederick believed in freedom for all . Frederick got a job in the paper where her could talk about slaves and inform the world. Frederick's news paper was called the north star , because slave who escaped at night would follow the north star to freedom. He informed people to try and get his point across that slaves should be free. He publicly spoke to tell people about this and other issues.…show more content…
Frederick was an amazing writer he wrote the north star and other papers. The north star was a newspaper that informed people about slavery and how it was wrong. Frederick Douglass also advised presidents and lectured thousands. He discovered so much skill in himself. Frederick Douglas is an inspiration to many slaves. He is still inspiring people to do the right thing and fight for what you believe in. he was an amazing and courageous
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