Frederick Douglass Pursuit Of Freedom Analysis

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The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass embodies so much feeling and sorrow throughout it. His story also embodies the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness- which were the rights given to all except slaves and women in the constitution. He struggled for years but never gave up and strived to earn equal rights. He believed that he could make a difference if we given the chance to. He takes his own chance and talks about the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness throughout.
He embodies the right to life on how bad he was treated and how sometimes he felt like he rather die than to keep living. A slave's life was not a life anyone should have to live. But he kept fighting because he knew once he could read and write he would be able to change the way things were. He wrote about how being a slave owner as well could put a damper on their life as well.
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He would have young white children teach him to read and write, so you could gain more knowledge which was the greatest power. He knew once he achieved this the slave owners would feel threatened and a change would occur. He fought for his right to life and pursuited it everyday no matter the consequences
He embodies the pursuit of happiness throughout the whole story. He was constantly beaten down. He was called names, worked half to death, whipped. But yet he never let that break him. Her fought for happiness and kept going knowing once he got out of this. Nothing would ever stop him.

So all-in-all Frederick Douglass narrative essay story embodied all three right of the pursuit of happiness life and Liberty. He was never given the chance but only took chances to make it a better life for himself and his fellow slave. he knew it would be a challenge but never give up even in his darkest times. he paid the way by learning how to read and write and changed the
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