How Did Frederick Douglass Survive

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The Struggle to Survive Frederick Douglas in the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and the Man in To Build a Fire are both put into situations that are difficult to get out of. Although Douglass and the man struggle to find a way out of a bad situation outside of the characters’ control, Douglass was able to survive and the Man was not because nature’s laws are not flexible and man’s laws can be bent. Though Douglass fights against slavery and the Man fights against nature, both encounter a struggle that is challenging to recover from. The man is in search of gold because he is struggling financially. He takes a risk that could either pay off mightily or possibly send him to his death. The Man is lead to a yukon territory that is extremely cold. He is isolated from all people and only has a dog making the journey with him. It is clear that the temperature becomes the man's enemy, “Fifty degrees below zero meant 80 degrees of frost. Such facts told him that it was cold and uncomfortable, and that was all. It did not lead him to consider his weaknesses as a creature affected by temperature.” (London 65). He is trekking through cold snow with limited resources and no one nearby to help. Frederick Douglass is born in Maryland where he is forced into slavery and must deal with white men treating him poorly. His first owner is harsh and repeatedly abuses Douglass. Ironically, the more religious the…show more content…
Whether it is with political leaders and laws or even something as simple as competing for a spot on a sports team. I struggled to find a spot on my football team to start the season, but I kept working at it and eventually found myself starting in 3 playoff games. When dealing with other humans, you must work hard to find happiness for yourself. When dealing with nature, don't even try testing its boundaries or else one might end up like the
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