Frederick Douglass Succeed In His Goals

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Frederick Douglass was a determined man who went through many overwhelming hardships to succeed in his goals. Douglass at a young age had a white mistress named Mrs. Auld who had taught him the alphabet. However, slavery proven to have an impact on her due to the teaching of a slave would cause a person to end up in prison or worse death. Mrs. Auld soon became an evil, bitter woman who treated him very harsh. Nevertheless teaching him the alphabet proven itself too late. Mrs. Auld gave him that inch to take a mile to pursue his goals in learning to read. The determination Douglass has to succeed in his education is like my experience of dropping out of high school at the tenth grade level and then pursuing college by the age of twenty-one not giving up at my education even though I failed once.…show more content…
When Douglass went to run his errands for his master Hugh, he ran as fast as he can so he can feed the poor little white boys with bread so they will teach him how to read words. Once being able to comprehend some of the words he started to read the “Columbian Orator” where he learned the word abolish where a slave can be free. Later on knowing how to read books and showing his growth mindset through dedication determination, his hard work to succeed in his goals. The book “Columbian Orator” opened his mind to detest slavery and from there on, he wanted to be a free man. By wanting to be free he had attempted escape several times and even went to prison for it. By being determined, he finally escaped slavery with several of his companions on a train from forging the names on documents. Literacy was an important influence on Frederick Douglass due to it helped him escape slavery and achieve his goals. Without literacy, I would not be able to achieve my goals of getting a job due to of always having to fill out paper work and ordering supplies as a
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