Frederick Douglass: The Hardships Of Life

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The Hardships in Life As we grow up, we learn to solve our own problems and overcome the hardships we face. A good example is Frederick Douglass’s hardship of learning how to read and write, and how he overcame the situation that he was by working hard. Likewise, obtaining my US citizenship is my hardship I am facing. Like Douglass, I must find a way to persevere and find a solution to my hardship. First of all, Frederick Douglass hardship was the anger of not knowing how to read and write, and not have the ability, the capacity, and the resources to learn by himself. As I was reading I was understanding the anger of Frederick of know having knowledge of anything, of not seeing the world in a different prospective, but he proposed himself…show more content…
In my opinion Frederick was looking ways to learn no matter the difficulties that they could bring to him, he was just focusing on learn. In the same way, I have to learn about the culture of United States that is way different from the culture I was used to back in my country, adapt myself to new language, and learn about new traditions. Even though some people reject me just because I am not a legal citizen that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop me from keep going until I accomplish what I want. And lastly, by all the hard work he did it was worth it because he accomplishes one of his goals to learn how to read and write, and find what he ever wanted in life that it was his freedom. But in the other hand in my case, I have to keep working hard for what I want the most and it’s become a legal citizen. In conclusion, everyone has their own hardships but working hard and not giving up in a future would be worth it, like Frederick Douglass that worked so hard until he accomplished his
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