Frederick Douglass: The Importance Of Literacy

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Literacy is ability to read, write, and speak in a way that allow you to communicate effectively. It is an important things to have in today’s society. It enables us to better understand our environment and achieve personal success in our lives.It has a wide range of benefits for economis, social, and political development of a country. This is demonstrated through frederick Douglass’s slave narrative. He had a strong determination to learn and write. Frederick Douglass taught himself to read and write from his mistress, neighborhood children, and the shipyard.
In the technology era that we live in today, literacy is just one of the many skills we must acquire in order to sustain ourselves. Being literate allows us to learn how to use the technology commonly used to perform everyday tasks such as the self-checkout at the grocery store, pump-gas even use a computer to send an email. Aside from technology, literacy is important because being literate allows us to communicate within one another effectively, as communication is key to a success. Society if we could not communicate, then we would not be able to get anything accomplished because we would not be able to inform each other on tasks
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The positive relationship between economic development and literacy levels and the impact of investment in education on economic growth are well established. The transiting of the world towards a knowledge based economy is adding to the importance of human resources in general, and of education in particular. Human resources are poised to commend an increasingly important role in the balance of world economics and, hence, political power. Literacy is linked to economic success as literacy levels help determines the kind of jobs people find, the salaries they make and their ability to upgrade their work skills. It is a big factor in the economic success of a
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