Frederick Douglass The Man Who Said Enough Essay

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Frederick Douglass, the man who said enough is enough. Frederick Douglass was an American hero born into slavery on 1818 in Talbot County, MD. Douglass was a man who wanted to free slaves on the south side of the US. After Douglass freed the slaves and President Abraham Lincoln had past he also worked on women’s rights as well. Frederick Douglass was a famous and talented writer and orator in his time who wanted to end slavery. Even though Douglass was a writer and orator does not mean he got there him-self. When Douglass Turned eight he was sent to live with his new owners Sophia and Hugh Auld. Sophia taught Frederick and her son how to read and write [ book pg.8 ] because she taught it was only fair if they both learned. One day Frederick red to Hugh Auld which he was very angry about [book pg.8]. After that Sophia had to stop teaching Frederick who to read and write but, Frederick kept learning him-self [book pg.9]. When Frederick turned sixteen he was sent back to the main plantation where he was sent when he tuned eight but, Frederick would not act like a slave so he was sent to a slave-breaker where he worked every morning and night [ book pg.9 ]. When he was with the slave-breaker they beat him for not working or acting like a slave. But, one day Frederick said enough is enough and stopped the …show more content…

Somewhere around 1845 Douglass published a book called ‘’Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave’’ [internet]. Douglass’s book was one of the most famous narratives written by former slaves. Now Douglass is one of the most important black American leader of the nineteenth century [ internet ]. Douglass died February 20, 1895 in Washington D.C., leaving his work beside Douglass became one of the most famous black American slave leaders in

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