Frederick Douglass: The Road Of Freedom

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Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, otherwise known as Frederick Douglass was an abolitionist, writer, orator, statesman, and social reformer for African Americans all over. As a slave, he learned how to read and write through fellow people that were in his neighborhood and his plantation owner’s wife. Some say that him learning these two essentials was the start of his political movement to the road of freedom. It was almost as the more he read, the more his ambition and determination leveled up to end slavery. He began to use his new develop skills and put to work some of the greatest writings that has ever hit history. Once he escaped slavery in Maryland, Douglass began to lead the abolitionist movement that were taking place in New York and the state of Massachusetts. His leadership, writings, and use of voice allowed for Douglass to achieve and receive great recognition. In New York, Douglass was asked to give a speech to a crowd of believers and supporters of the abolitionist movement. The name of this speech was called, “What to the slave is the Fourth of July?” In this speech, Douglass explains how although the fourth of July may appear to be a happy and exciting holiday for where people can celebrate their independence, it is a sad day for African Americans. This is because that African Americans have no freedom or independence, but they are slaves. What was promised in the Declaration of Independence is not being fulfilled out unto them. When Douglass first
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