Frederick Douglass Transformation

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In the autobiography Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass written Frederick Douglass in 1845, the main character, Frederick Douglass is an escaped black slave portraying his life, his story and aspects of who he was and what he has gone through. Frederick Douglass was a slave who ran away from his owner in search for freedom and liberty during the slave era in the United States. Frederick Douglass was born in Maryland in 1818, and into slavery. Frederick Douglass was an odd person in this time period and in this book, as most slaves were kept on their job sites and had little to no chance of escaping during this time. Frederick Douglass defies the odds and became a free black man, and escapes north to become an influence to others.…show more content…
He had to move over to England because his owner had the right to look and get him, so he moved out and two years later an englishman bought his freedom. Because Frederick Douglass is still a slave, his owner from which he escaped has the right to look for him, and get him and bring him back to his captivity, even if he was living up north. He moves over to England for some years, but later returns to the United States due to some englishman buying his freedom back in the states. At this point in time, Frederick Douglass is a free black man who has written his own book, inspired others, and spread his story internationally. Frederick Douglass is an odd character not only in his book, but in this time period in general. He was a born slave which at a young age had high visions, and ended up becoming more than what was expected of a slave. Frederick Douglass ended up sharing his special and important story with most of the country, and wrote his own book, something all slaves could never imagine come true. He was an inspiration for some, and his story is a dream for others, but was a very odd and different person compared to what was considered
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