Frederick Douglass Views On The Importance Of Education

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In many countries living in extremely poor conditions, not only is basic health an issue but also the lack of education. Although it is a necessity, “more than 72 million children of primary education age are not in school and 759 million adults are illiterate” (Rights to Education 1). The deprivation of education should be taken serious if a change is wanted. People need to become aware of how important education is and the benefit that it has. Douglas and Malala struggled to gain an education in order to resist control by others, which affected their lives in multiple ways; however, they were able to reveal the value of education to all. Although Douglass was a slave, he was determined to become educated to be able to not only understand…show more content…
With all the knowledge he was gaining, he began to comprehend everything around him. The things he was learning fascinated him, but the “more [he] read, the more [he] was led to abhor and detest [his] enslavers”(Douglass 35); however, that should not be viewed as a negative affect but a positive one. No one should want to be deceived for their entire life. This hatred that he built up motivated him to continue to further educate himself. As a result, he later motivated other slaves to earn an education by having “[availed] themselves to [an] opportunity to learn to read” (Douglass 69) by Douglass teaching them every Sunday. He became known as an inspirational person. Not many people are willing to go against what others believe, but Douglass was. His slave owner thought that it was “unlawful, as well as unsafe, to teach a slave to read” (Douglass 29), but that did not stop him from pursuing further knowledge. Education has a powerful effect that makes others fear that one has superiority over them one way or another. Slaves had their basic human rights taken away from them because slave owners wanted them to lack the ability to form an opinion on what was happening to them. Douglass had the option to form an opinion because he understood what was going on due to his comprehension of various situations due to the knowledge he was gaining. For this reason, education was…show more content…
Many people do not have the privilege to be able to gain systematic instruction; therefore, when given the opportunity, people should be able to take action and begin to expand their minds in various ways. Having the quality of being able to further explain a situation “enables [one] to step aside asses the rights and wrongs of [their] actions and regulate [themselves]” (Kumar 1). Many people today are making terrible decisions that not only affect themselves but others also due to the lack of proper education. Fazlullah misinterpreted the Quran; As a result, those who were uneducated started to believe what he had to say due to their inability to understand the Quran on their own. As E. Ravi Kumar stated, “[one] knowing the true value of education will understand “a clear knowledge of human value” and not follow the “opposite values”” (Kumar 6). If people are not utilizing education, then the world will become even more corrupt than it already is. Douglass and Malala both utilized their knowledge to be able to explain why they believed that the lack of education should be changed before it was too late for them to be able to persuade others.Thus, education should become a necessity for
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