Frederick Douglass And The Transcendental Movement

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Frederick Douglass gave an Insight on what a slave had to go through and how they lived (6). He was very influential in his speeches that he gave (3). He use his speeches to start an end to slavery (6). To this day he is one of the most intellectual leaders of his time period (3). Frederick Douglass was an American abolitionist in the transcendental movement (2).
Literary Time Period
The transcendental movement period was in the early nineteenth century, and gave birth to people who criticized the society (5). Frederick Douglass used this to let slave owners know how the treat their own slaves (3). He also let them know how the slaves felt about what they were doing (1). At this time period a lot of changes were happening in the society (1).
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He never met his father, but many suspect Anthony Aaron (1). He and his mother were separated when he was very young, so he grew up with his grandmother until he was eight years old (1). He moved from plantation to plantation until he escaped and got away (2). In 1838 he fell in love with Anna Marie and they got married that same year (2). They have a total of 5 kids together and were married a long time (2). They had Rosetta, Lewis Henry, Frederick Jr, Charles Raymond, and Annie who passed away at the age of 10 years old (3). They all helped their father at his office throughout their childhood, helping out with paper stacking and printing (3). In 1882, after 44 years of being married to Frederick Douglass, Anna Marie passed away (3). In 1884, a couple of years after his wife 's death, Douglas married for a second time to a woman named Helen Pitts (4). Frederick and Helen had a lot in common including both being an abolitionist (2). Helen 's father Gideon Pitts was not only an abolitionist colleague but a friend to Douglas (2). Frederick and Helen never had any kids but we 're married for eleven years…show more content…
Douglas may do with what he could get and he learned some schooling for kids on the side of the street, and in the back alleys (3). Once he learned how to read and write he started learning more and more about how to escape slavery forever (2). Douglas wrote many books about his life as a slave and broke many speeches about it to spread the word of trying to end slavery (3). In douglass 's book he opened himself up and spread his experiences, so that other people will know his struggles, and not to make the mistakes he did (6). He gave a lot of people hope that one day slavery will be over forever, and his mission was continued after his death and eventually succeeded
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