Employee Satisfaction Analysis

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Satisfaction can be defined as the level of fulfilling an individual’s needs, wants and desire, which depends upon what an individual, actually wants and gets from the world. Employee satisfaction is a compute of how happy employees are with their work and also with their working environment. There may be number of factors affecting the firm’s effectiveness, in which one of them is employee satisfaction. Successful companies should have a ethnicity that encourages and motivates the employee satisfaction (Sageer, Rafat, & Agrawal, 2012). Utilizing from the staff is vital for the efficiency of the firms. This contributes to have spirited advantage. HRM is also about dealing with this subject in the organizations. These employees may be functioning…show more content…
Moods and emotions act as raw materials which results in affective element of employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is somewhat related with an employee’s emotions, and overall self-esteem. Dissatisfaction of any employee can lead to display of negative emotions in the workplace. This may be because that employee may be going through a difficult period or may be dissatisfied with their job. These can lead to arousal of negative emotions which are needed to be addressed. A small business owner requires observing their employees’ emotions and paying awareness to their outlook and actions at work. Job satisfaction is an essential part of managerial climate and an important constituent in organization of employee connection.…show more content…
It was examined of the data showing factors that created positive increase in the level of satisfaction: consistent values, long term focus, local leadership, continuous communication, collaboration, opportunities for development, speed and agility (Folkman). Workload, professional conflict, emotional cost and leadership style is the main source of distress. So, employees are to be supported well, which is hurdled by lack of understanding that affects the sources of stress that varies with different areas (PhD, 2003). The importance of satisfaction of employees with the perspective of employees (Ritalule, 2012): 1. Employees will be concerned and will try to improve the quality of

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