Frederick Herzberg's Two Factor Theory Of Motivation

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1) One theory that could be used to refer to motivation in an organisation such as DrainFlow is Frederick Herzberg’s ‘Two factor theory of motivation’ theory, [Huczynski and Buchanan, 2001, p. 305]. According to this theory, there is two sets of factors that could make an employee to be content or discontent with their job, the motivator factors which consists of the individual’s level of achievement, advancement, growth, recognition, responsibility and the work itself, this would lead to the satisfaction of employees. The other factor is hygiene factors which consist of the individual’s pay, company policy, supervisor style, status, security and working conditions, which would lead to dissatisfaction, [Huczynski and Buchanan, 2001, p. 305]. According to Frederick Herzberg (1968), an increase of hygiene factors or context factors would not lead to an increased of motivation and performance despite it removing the dissatisfactions of an employee. Rather he argues that organisations should use Vertical loading factors to satisfy job enrichment of an employee. This would then in turn help employees determine and distinguish between intrinsic rewards and extrinsic rewards of their job, which would likelihood result in the…show more content…
419]. My knowledge on leadership in an organisation could contribute to my co-worker’s well-being by me inspiring my co-worker and raising their morals within my department by me assuming the role of being a type of leader known as ‘transformational leader’. This type of leadership has the traits of idealized influence, individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation and inspirational motivation, which means that the employee I would be working with would have my 100% attention in any problems they have in the workplace as well as other things such as respect, trust
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