Frederick Memorial Hospital: A Short Story

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It was gloomy and rainy in the small city of Frederick, Maryland. Also cold. The drive to Frederick Memorial Hospital was even worse. A small BMW was on the road with a few other cars. This particular BMW had three children and a woman inside of it. And all four were gravely concerned about a man sitting in a hospital bed. It could have been worse, with one of the children, Joey, Zak, or Matt sitting n that hospital instead of their military trained Dad. But he had been in combat zones, way worse that stomach pains and hospitals. But the kids and Audrey, the woman who was their stepmom/mom, didn 't know that, living inside of their father, like a small parasite, was a tiny, bubbly, and dreadful aneurysm. A live time bomb that could go off…show more content…
Could the kids and your wife maybe go out of the room, or the café downstairs, perhaps? The food there is very delicious, despite it being a hospital café." Joey leapt out of his seat.
"I 'm good with that!"
"Alright then, let 's head down. Make sure to stay quiet, OK? Audrey asked. "I think it would be a bit embarrassing if we got kicked out of a hospital." They said goodbye, and then took the elevator down to the basement floor, where the café was located. They walked down a zig-zag fashioned hallway, and entered a room with a door labeled 'Café '. The café was a buffet of food, from salad to seafood, ice cream to steak, they had it. They got their food, sat down, and ate. Surprisingly, the food was some of the best cafeteria food they 'd ever had, but not in good spirit, considering their father was in the hospital. They finished eating and went back upstairs to the hospital room, and sat outside for a few more minutes before the doctor opened up the door, and said a hello, before walking off to a room labeled 'EMPLOYEES ONLY '. They walked in the room, the kid 's father having a grim look on his face. Immediately, Joey and Audrey went up and asked what was wrong. Josh looked at every single person in the room, and then, with a booming
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" an Aneurysm?"
"Basically, I have this bubble inside me right now, that is caused from stress, or that 's what the doctors say. It 's tiny, but it can grow, and if it grows big enough, it can float up to my brain and rupture, and..." He didn 't need to finish. "But the Aneurysm, being horrible, isn 't the cause of my pain. In fact, it is painless. The doctor told me I was lucky they found it, otherwise, we wouldn 't have even known. But the cause of my stomach pains and heart pains is still unknown. They think it 's from stress though, like the Aneurysm."
"So what now?" Asked Joey. "When are you getting out?"
"They don 't know yet, buddy. Wish I could get out now." Josh replied.
"Daddy? Are you OK?" Matt asked.
"Yes, I 'm fine, little buddy. Don 't worry about daddy, play your Mario game, OK?" Josh told Matt, who then immediately went on his DS and started playing a game.
"The doctor says I need to rest, so I 'm afraid you guys are going to have to leave. I 'm sorry you guys have to witness this. It 's horrible."
They all talked for a few minutes, then gave their condolences to Josh, then, with a rain cloud above their heads, the left
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