Frederick The Great And The Great Absolutism In Germany

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Absolutism is defined as political power that concentrated to one person or a group and opposing or shared power doesn’t exist and reigning over the country. It’s opposite of constitutional government, therefore it lacks constitution and parliamentary system and political responsibilities doesn’t exist. In my opinion, absolute ruler should have a strong military power, have a wisdom and knowledge, and enlighten his/her country. The best monarch that fits to all these condition is Frederick the Great, who was King of Prussia. First reason is Frederick the Great had a great military power. Military power was one of powerful advantage at this era. It strengthened that country’s war potential, labor force, and country itself. Furthermore, succeed at the war is same means as gain the power, and through this period, it was huge purpose for all the monarchs. Frederick the Great conducted these, and he became the top-level military power in Europe. He made success at lot of war, but famous one is called “Seven Years War”. It was a conflict between the major European powers with France, Austria, and Russia on one side and England and Prussia on the other side. Additionally it happened during 1756 to 1763. He exerted his military power during this war. In 1757, enemy, the Russians invaded East Prussia. However, Frederick defeated the French at Rossbach (November 5) and the Austrians at Leuthen (December 5) instead of the Russians for revenge. Throughout the war, people started to
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