Frederick Umar: A Case Study Of Prot's K-P

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Throughout his stay in the Manhattan Institute Prot helps the patients he encounters, in very odd and sometimes mysterious ways. An older patient, Mrs. Archer, who’s husband left her for another woman seems to be stuck in a state of disassociation is one of the first patients Prot helps, by getting her to leave her room. Meanwhile, Dr. Powell is trying to figure how to Frederick Umar: Frederick Umar: Frederick Umar: Frederick Umar: Frederick Umar: Frederick Umar: WELDON/K-PAX ! 3 diagnose and help Prot. Dr. Powell prescribes Prot psychotic drugs, but they seem to have no effect on him. Prot believes he is from another planet and goes into great detail about K-Pax, providing relevant information in which astrologers and scientists are even astounded by, including Dr.…show more content…
Prot’s belief in his extraterrestrial existence is so strong even the other patients begin to believe in him; and, he promises when he returns to his planet he will take one of them along with him. Throughout this critique, we will discuss in detail the characters of Robert Porter/Prot and Bess and their psychological disorders. In the case of Robert Porter, the man we also know as Prot, his diagnosis is complex especially if one believes he is a human from the planet Earth suffering from a psychotic break; however, if one reads between the lines they may discover an alternative scenario — Prot is in fact an alien. In all reality Prot is not an alien, his claims of being from another planet that is in the constellation Lira are magnificent and well crafted, especially from a mere mortal man who is suffering from a dissociative

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