Frederick Winslow Taylor's Principle Of Scientific Management

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The principal object of management should be to secure the maximum prosperity for the employer, coupled with the maximum prosperity for each employee.(F W Taylor, 1911)
The words “maximum prosperity" is used here. By using these two words Taylor pave the way to scientific management. In 1911 Frederick Winslow Taylor published his work,” Principle of Scientific Management” in which he presents scientific method for improving productivity. It is an optimizing way to simplify the tasks.
Scientific management is established on the base of these four principles:-
 Scientifically designing tasks (replacing rule of thumb)
 Scientific selection of personnel & scientifically developing personnel
 Management-worker cooperation
 Equal
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Less people can do much more work, in such way scientific Management works as a labor saving device. Defiantly it keeps some people away from getting job. So it is clear that Scientific Management cannot handle the interest of both employee and an organization.This thing has come up from the research of a writer named John Commons. He argued that Scientific Management involves with Execution of workforce not evaluation of workforce. He opposed Scientific management by stated…show more content…
Taylor stated that
“Unless flow of instruction from experts of planning department towards the workers, no worker can perform any task” (Taylor, 1998).
The experts consider workers as very poorly educated and too dull to work without any instructions.
In the words of Taylors, workers have to obey instructions from their bosses and it is unnecessary to explain to workers why they have to follow, that is “do as you are told”. But in modern world, companies precisely explain employees about its vision and mission and goals, that is they are aware of what they do and why they do (Peters & Waterman).

The value of a machine to a business can be calculated on the basis of its efficiency for its immediate work. But the value of an employee must be estimated. It cannot be calculated. Scientific Management step forward to calculate it and also to modify it. F W Taylor and his scientific management are partially succeeded to do that. Beyond to all of these negative Scientific Management is still working to do better in almost every manufacturing

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