Frederick Winslow Taylor's Scientific Management Theory

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Scientific Management Theory Student Name:Salome Betsunaidze Student Number: C13473888 Course Code: DT324 Yr 2 Subject Name: Management and Organisational Behaviour Word Count: 2500 Declaration I Salome Betsunaidze , with student number C13473888 , am writing this to declare that information given in this essay is my own work and only mine. Signed: Dated : Frederick Winslow Taylor’s Scientific Management This essay is going to describe Frederick Winslow Taylor’s scientific management theory and also little bit of background of who was Frederick Winslow Taylor.It is about the theory FW Taylor has come up with.Theory is set of formal ideas, statements , guess or suggestions which is designed and…show more content…
FW Taylor hoped to develop idea that would not let any more ‘Systematic Soldiering’ ,this was when workers deliberately decreasing the amount of output produced. FW Taylor’s Scientific management theory offered solution to these problems.Scientific management is theory that separates a specific job in tasks, which includes short repetitive work and knowledge about work is collected by management(Andrzej A.Huczynski , David A.Buchanan (2007 pg 411-437). It is Management process based on scientific way in order to maximise output or production Colin Combe(2014, pg…show more content…
Sarfaraz Nawaz (2011) as cited in George (1993) notes that McDonaldisation is described by George (1993) as sociological phenomenon in his book ‘McDonaldisation of Society’ and he says that primary aspect of McDonaldisation is that nearly every task is rationalised.McDonaldisation beaks one task down to few different tasks. This happens over and over until all of the tasks are broken down to basics.So McDonalds opperate in terms of FW Taylors scientific management theory, because the jobs are broken down into pieces so each worker performs simple task.This does not motivate employees to seek the career in McDonalds. There are mainly students who work in McDonalds in order to finance their education.As cited by Sarfaraz Nawaz (2011) Royle (2000) noted that McDonalds has 70% of employees who are students under the age of 20 in UK. Domino’s

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