Fredericksburg Texas Research Paper

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Although my parents were with me on a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, years ago, my vacation was fun, bizarre, and terrifying. While on vacation, my parents gave me a plethora of instructions and rules; evidently, I did not follow many of the them. One of the rules was to stay away from an old wagon in the front yard of our vacation house in an attempt to avoid injury. After the wagon’s large, rusty wagon wheel fell on my head and blood covered my face, I learned to always follow my parents’ rules and to stay as calm as possible in terrifying instances. When I was five years old, my family drove to our rural Texas vacation house for a trip with experiences that I will remember forever. While staying in Texas, my family and I participated in various fun-filled adventures and activities throughout the countryside. When my cousins joined us, the vacation house was filled to the brim with young, energetic kids and tired, irritated parents. After the cousins arrived, the trip became much more enjoyable for me; I vividly remember extremely fun experiences with my cousins. Including the time spent traveling, the trip lasted approximately two weeks.…show more content…
I was always playing outside as a kid and would entertain myself with anything or anyone including a rusty wagon. My imagination ran wild as I pictured myself steering the wagon drawn by two horses at high speeds. Suddenly, I fell out of the wagon; and one of the wagon’s four wheels fell on me. Feeling immense pain in my forehead, I stood up and saw nothing but blood. When my mom saw me, she began to scream hysterically; and my dad quickly started the car in effort to bring me to the hospital as soon as
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