Fredrick Carlin Humor

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“…I also survived circumcision, a barbaric practice designed to remind you as early as possible that your genitals are not your own,” (Carlin 6). George Denis Patrick Carlin known for his comedy being especially polemical and vulgar went against society, with his beliefs and words. He was known for speaking out about politics and religion, and how he disagreed with basically all of them. Whether it be his stand up or his autobiography, he delivered his messages in comedic ways, always throwing some humor at his mix of depression, anger, and rebellion against the world he grew up in. Carlin criticized daily life from the actions of society, to religion, and politics, but was able to make them laughable. George Carlin formed his comedy shows…show more content…
Big dough shall be divisible with union dues for all,” (Patrick Carlin 13). A quote from George’s father, it was his signature sign-off from his radio station on WATN. It ran in the family, and no matter how much George’s mother Mary claimed he was an innocent boy, uncorrupted by the Carlin name unlike his brother Pat Jr, George was the same. If there was one thing he hated most, it was politics. Even though he joined the air force, he would slam the military and their actions. “So the military is telling us how to feel about war – so they can stay in business. Something is fu**ed up here,” (Carlin 53). These are Carlin’s younger years, so he is starting to realize and think about his opinions at this time. And even though he was in the air force, the fact that he knew he wouldn’t cause harm to another gave him peace of mind. His word choice might show differently, but George Carlin was a fairly devout pacifist. “So I do have this ambivalence. Obviously I’m against militaries, because of what militaries do. In many ways though, the air force was unmilitary-like. They dropped bombs on people, but… they had a golf course,” (Carlin 65). But still, Carlin has comedic relief with his
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