Fredrick Douglas Argumentative Essay

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“It is your reaction to adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Two different people, who both endured slavery were continuously being knocked down, were able to achieve greatness and respect. Sadly, both of these upstanding men bore slavery, they had extremely incompatible experiences in slavery. Booker was freed in his teenage years and did not bear heinous and sinister acts against him; on the other hand Fredrick witnessed and withstood twisted actions that no one deserves. Somehow, they both managed to push forward and become something memorable. Usually, when people have clashing experiences, they have clashing takes on the experience; in this case it was their view on slavery and…show more content…
“Pain changes people, it makes them trust less, overthink more, and shut people out.”- Curiano. Progressively, Fredrick learned more and more about the situation he was stuck in, so he became curiously cautious about everything around him. For instance, he became overwhelmingly questionable about his master, but he had a right too. Mortified and disturbed was Fredrick during his slavery, the events that he watched and endured, permanently scared him for life, literally. Constantly, he and other slaves were whipped, tortured, and sometimes killed. The desire to be free was eating him alive, so he decided to exert himself. Fighting for his life and his freedom, he pushed himself to barely escape. Fredrick was a lot older than Booker when he broke away from slavery. His number one drive was to save himself from death, it was not just because he was eager to be free, and it was a life or death situation. Above all, he gained strength, of mind, body, and…show more content…
Primarily, they overcame adversity; they had to push through the worst possible times in very opposite ways. “Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with.”-Corrie Ten BoonTheir views were based on the situation they encountered, Booker was hungry to help everybody that even included white people; he did not have any bitter feelings towards them. However, Fredrick did fortify himself to become known, but he probably had some sour thought towards them. Neither of them gave up, they worked to become who they are now, they are truly inspirational people. Plus they teach us that, no matter what in the world your circumstances are or even what your past was it does not define who you become. There are two life changing choices, either you can become better than what you know or you can end up like the rest of the world. “Do not give up, great things take time.” Booker T. Washington and Fredrick Douglas bore slavery, now they create a huge part of history and will be remembered through time, what is our
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