Fredrick Douglass And Harriet Jacobs Narrative Analysis

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In Fredrick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs narrative they show how the institution of slavery dehumanizes an individual both physically and emotionally. In Jacobs narrative she talks about how women had it worse than men did in slavery. While men suffered, women had it worse due to sexual abuse. The emotional, physical, and sexual abuse was dehumanizing for anyone. The emotional and sexual abuse was awful for Jacobs. In her narrative she talks about how horrible it really was for women "My master began to whisper foul words in my ear." Her master told her she was property "He told me I was his property; that I must be subject to his will in all things." She says how she had to give up their children "The children were sold to a slave-trader,…show more content…
She talks about how she was treated by Dr. Flint "But Dr. Flint swore he would kill me, if I was not as silent as the grave." Although in Jacobs narrative she was treated, in Douglass' his grandmother was whipped "The louder she screamed, the harder he whipped, and where the blood ran fastest, there he whipped the longest." He also talks about how bad women had it "He would whip her to make her scream, and whip her to make her hush; and not until overcome, would he cease to swing the blood-clooted cowskin." Then he talks about how slavery was like hell "It was the blood-stained gate, the entrance to the hell of slavery, through which I was about to pass." The counterclaim will talk about how Fredrick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs narrative talk about how how women had it worse than men did. The reason why women had it worse was because of the sexual abuse. Men was physically and emotionally abused like women but the fact that women were also sexually abused made it worse than men. In Harriet's narrative she talks about how beauty was a curse "If God has bestowed beauty upon her, it will prove her greatest curse." In Fredrick's narrative he talks about how he got abused for anything "My awkwardness was almost always his excuse for whipping
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