Fredrick Douglass In The Movie Selma And Lincoln

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The movies Selma and Lincoln are two historical movie about important events that happened in history. Did the directors include all the important details in their movie? Ava DuVernay, the director of Selma is about the Selma marches, lead by Martin Luther King. Throughout the movie, there is a debate between Martin Luther King and President Lyndon B. Johnson. King tries countless times to try to persuade Johnson to help King get voting rights for black people, and every time Johnson refuses and starts to get annoyed by Kings motivation. Did Johnson refuse King’s idea or is that just how DuVernay wanted to portray him? Steven Spielberg, the director of Lincoln is about the passing of the 13th Amendment. Throughout most of the movie the representatives from each country meet in a courtroom to argue about weather or not to pass the 13th Amendment should. Spielberg forgot to include Fredrick Douglass in the movie. Douglass was an important part of Lincoln’s presidency. Why didn’t Spielberg include Douglass in the movie, when he…show more content…
Michael Shank, who is a professor at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and senior fellow at the French American Global Forum, asked the question in his article on page 2, “Where was Fredrick Douglass?” This is an interesting question to ask. Douglass was an important man in the civil war. Shank wonders on page 2, why Douglass’s life and his importance on Lincoln was not included in the film. Douglass was the man who recruited black soldiers to the Union army. He also made sure that these black soldiers had equal pay and treated as well as the white soldiers. The way that people treated black soldiers was absurd to Douglass. Shanks states on page 3 that the leaders of the District did not care about what happened to they black soldiers, which genuinely disappointed

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