Free Animal Farm Essays: Chasing Equality

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Chasing Equality America is based on the principles of equality. When our founding fathers began construction of this great nation they put forth the promise of equality. That under the constitution the law of the land, all people were equal. However we know this not to be true as many people have tried to further equality efforts in America. Here we will analyze the world 's efforts at equality, analyze them and put forth an idea on how we should make the dream of equality, a reality. Another American who made progress in the field of equality was our founding father and third president Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was the main writer of one of the most important documents in these 50 states, the declaration of independence. It not only served as a goodbye letter to old George, it brought up a new idea to the political world. His words read “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.” Saying this was the one of the first steps in our journey for equality. As America grew into the dominant supination it is today others took inspiration from Jefferson over time, leading to different views on how equality should…show more content…
Animal Farm is written by George Orwell, he wrote it in hopes of convincing the public that communism was not the best way to chase equality. In Animal Farm the initial thought is good the motto being “All Animals are equal.”(Pg. 25). Despite the convincing idea the pigs who are appointed leaders. Take advantage of the dumber Animals and take more than their fair share of food and change the rules of the farm. The Animals are too stupid to call out the pigs and once the pigs have total control, they come out and say “All Animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”(Pg. 134). This shows in the end those who you let take an inch will take it a mile. The pigs were given a small amount of superiority in order to keep the farm running. In the end however, they were no different from the tyrants they were
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