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Abortion is Wrong After a Month At what point in time would you make killing a child legal? Do you think it is right to walk in the middle of the street and shoot someone in the head? It’s illegal and you would be sent straight to jail, but having an abortion and killing the baby that is living and growing inside you is “your right” even when it’s basically the same thing. You shouldn’t bring a baby into the world just to have an abortion and kill it. Abortion should be illegal after one month of being pregnant. The number one cause for people getting an abortion is because it isn’t the right time, that to me is stupid because they knew that there was a chance that getting pregnant could happen. If a girl got raped I understand her wanting to get an abortion, but as Frank Pavon said in his article, “Rape and Abortion”, “Will and abortion help her? First of all the abortion will not un-rape the woman. The tragedy has happened and nothing can change the past. Second, abortion brings a trauma of its own.” it makes you wonder if it’s still right. If you are planning on getting an abortion the best time is within the first month because the baby won’t be developed. Most girls find out that that they are pregnant after the first month.…show more content…
Nancy Flanders once said in her article, “Here’s Why Abortion is Wrong”, “You can pretend preborn babies aren’t human beings, but science proves otherwise, repeatedly showing that a preborn human is unique from his mother.” It’s a great message for everyone who is thinking about getting an abortion and for the mothers who are against it. Flanders also said, “Today’s Hitler is the abortion industry, and today’s slaves are the preborn children” (Here’s Why Abortion). This is a powerful quote as well, because it’s so true, preborn babies are forcefully ripped from their mother’s wombs. Abortion is basically

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