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America Goes on a Diet! As generations go on, the human population has become more aware and creative with what we consume on a daily basis. The idea of the United States placing first with the highest obesity percentage may be debatable. Although, giving the government permission to regulate our diet will have more benefits to our society than harm. Such as, continuous end to our unhealthy habits, an increase in graduates, and a more energetic and motivated society. High school is challenging enough with all the stress and work that is involved, but just imagine going through it all with a minimal influence. Larger children tend to be slower and happen to be lazier as well. As an obese child, growing up and moving through high school will be harsh. Many experiences may result in bulling, fighting, and a possible drop in self-esteem. Living through this tough period will result in a minimal percentage of students that will even graduate high school. Studies show that less than 35% of obese students graduate (“Education Level and Obesity”). Those students that are not obese do not all graduate. About 30% attend or drop out of school (“Education Level and…show more content…
It is just common sense. At least two-thirds of all American adults are considered obese (Park), not including the children and teens. But a government influence on our diet alone will not be able to solve this issue. They need the motivation. They need to become used to smaller and healthier portions. For someone who is obese, drinking one soda daily, is equivalent to 70 Hershey bars, adding up to 4lbs a year (Park). But if we can persuade everyone, obese or not, to become use to those healthier habits; the obese will not need the motivation. It is shown that those who eat away from home, eat more and worse (Rosenbloom). Therefore, with placing calorie information on menus and decreasing drink sizes, “eating more and worse” will not be an

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