Free Argumentative Essays: Is College Worth The Cost?

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College: Worth the Cost? My mom never went to college, she has worked minimum wage jobs all of her life. She never got to go to college so she put my sister in college and has been working and putting money away for me to go to college she said “I never want to see you son barely living off of one paycheck like I did Cam”. So she tells me everyday to work hard and study so I can go to college.College is worth the cost so we can further our education and fine jobs that we couldn't have had without college even make more money College is worth the cost because graduates tend to make more money after college. In “Even for Cashiers, College Pays Off” David Leonhardt states that “ Cost aren't usually a problem for graduates”. Most graduates don't have a problem finding jobs when they do they can make more for having a scholarship. Graduates can make more starting off than someone who has a high school diploma who has been working there for longer. “Many colleges aren’t expensive when financial aid is taken account” it’s less expensive when financial. Another reason college is worth the cost is that we can further our education and make ourselves better. In “Even for Cashiers, College pays off” David Leonhardt said “Education seemed to make people Happier and Healthier”. People who…show more content…
In “Even for Cashiers, College pays off” David Leonhardt told us “Bachelor's degrees pay off for the jobs you need a bachelor’s for”. They do pay off say you get this new job and you have your bachelor’s degree you will get paid more for having went to school than just having just a regular high school diploma. Also in “Even for Cashiers, College pays off” David Leonhardt states “Workers with a degree can make up to 40% more than those who don’t”. You can go and get your doctorate and become a doctor and be able to do more with your life, just because you went to college and improved
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