Free Argumentative Essays: Why Canada Isn T America?

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Ah Canada, the home of crackhead mayors, shitty hockey teams, bad weather and more apologies than citizens. Plus, it is the only country that lies in their own national anthem “The True North strong and free!” the only free thing being their healthcare because everything else is so overpriced. However, I would argue that Canada isn’t America. And even though we may be faulted for being overly polite and linguistically challenged as a Canadian girl, born and raised I can easily say that Canada is absolutely amazing. Because Canada is not America’s “little brother”. Because Canada has free healthcare and education. Because to be Canadian doesn’t mean you had to be born here. The bald eagle, is a bird of bad moral character, living it’s life…show more content…
Ironically enough, Kinder eggs were banned because they are a choking hazard to children, but the gun that killed 20 children and six teachers at the sandy hook shooting in 2012 is still very legal for “protection”. I guess it 's also a plus that our government doesn’t kill people! Canada officially abolished the death penalty in 1976, but no Canadian inmate has been executed since 1962. By contrast, the U.S. put 23 prisoners to death so far this year, and has 3,002 prisoners waiting on the death row (death penalty info). Clearly America has a problem; they punish killers by killing them, I mean technically executors are also killers so shouldn’t they be killed to? Maybe you americans should put down your guns and settle your disputes by apologizing. Saying “sorry” is good for you: Canadians are mocked for always apologizing, but it’s not a character flaw. Saying sorry has been found to increase happiness and strengthen relationships. Researchers at the University of Waterloo even found apologizing to a police officer when pulled over for speeding can get fines reduced by $53 on average (the record). True, scientists have recently claim that refusing to apologize for your actions leads to a sense of empowerment, but such unwise thinking would only appeal to self-centred Americans. Sorry for being

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