Free Choice In Macbeth

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Every human being has the right to free choice. However, other factors may influence an individual's actions and final decisions especially in stressful situations (such as role models, childhood experiences, etc.). Every person has the choice to commit an unethical act, unless they are mentally unstable. For example, Martin Luther King used his right to free choice, in order to fulfill his vision of equality among all races. He always attempted to use nonviolent tactics to achieve his goal by peacefully protesting, and educating his followers to do the same. His determination and becoming an influential leader led to passing the “Civil Rights Act” and “Voting Rights Act” for African-Americans, thus fulfilling his vision. However, many persuasive…show more content…
He took advantage of the weakened state of Germany, and used his authority for his own personal hatred of Jews and other minorities. In the play Macbeth by Shakespeare, Macbeth also abuses his right to free choice for his own selfish reasons, resulting in a gradual downfall.The play sets in Scotland, during the early 1600’s where Macbeth, the Thane of Glamis, is informed of a vision from the witches of him becoming the king of Scotland. This intrigues Macbeth, causing him to stop at nothing to fulfill the prophecy. With some motivation from the witches and his wife, he freely commits several murders and becomes desensitized towards serious matters as well as deranged. Macbeth’s downfall is a result of free choice as he murders Duncan, even though the witches never mention anything about murder or violent acts to become king. Macbeth also demonstrates free choice by unnecessarily killing Banquo and attempting to kill Fleance, ensuring no one uncovers the truth about Macbeth murdering Duncan. Finally, Macbeth acts out of free choice by ruthlessly murdering Macduff’s family for no legitimate reason except for pure anger. Therefore, Macbeth’s gradual downfall is the result of free choice, as his immediate instinct leads to violence and murder due to his blind-lust for
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